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ITProPortal A guide to creating your own Wiki ITProPortal For example, the Wikimedia Foundation that keeps Wikipedia going also supports a dictionary called Wiktionary , a quote collection called Wikiquote, and a free news source called Wikinews, among others. Specialised wikis cover Star Trek (Memory Alpha

HealthITSecurity.com HIPAA Best Practices: Acceptable Use Policies, Team Training HealthITSecurity.com The SANS website also has policy templates for a variety of specific needs. This includes a basic Acceptable Use Policy document to HIPAA-specific considerations, among many others. It's important to note that the secret of success for any AUP is that

Template:Wiktionary – Wikipedia

This template makes a link in a box to a Wiktionary page. Wiktionary entries include definitions, etymology, and pronunciation, as well …

Template:wikipedia – Wiktionary

This template shows a right-floating sister-project box with a link to a Wikipedia page. The template should be placed inside the section it refers to, immediately after the header. In the default case (a reference to the English Wikipedia) that is immediately following the ==English== header. If

Wiktionary:Templates – Wiktionary

3/8/2018 · Wiktionary:Templates. to see how to use the quote template in Wiktionary inserts a highly visible link to Wikipedia for the same word

Template:Wiktionary redirect – Wikipedia

This template creates a soft redirect to Wiktionary.. Do not place it on every possible word. Soft redirects to Wiktionary are to dictionary definitions, and generally Wikipedia is …

Template:Wiktionary – Simple English Wikipedia, the …

This template is a self-reference.Because of this, it is a part of the Wikipedia project, not the encyclopedic content. Use. This template gives a link to an entry on Wiktionary.

Template talk:Wiktionary – Wikipedia

This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopaedic content.. Usage: {{wiktionary}} – provides a search link to the Wiktionary page, using the current page’s name.

Template:Move to Wiktionary – Simple English Wikipedia

This page is a candidate to be copied to the Simple English Wiktionary. The information in this article appears to fit better in a dictionary than an encyclopedia.

Template:wikipedia – Simple English Wiktionary

Parameter Description Type Status; First link: 1: The page to link to. Default empty Example empty Auto value empty: Page: optional: Second link: 2: The page to link to.

User talk:Tygrrr/Pages Simple English Wikipedia says we

8/14/2016 · Moved from Wiktionary talk:Pages that link to Template:Wiktionary on Simple English Wikipedia []. This isn’t nearly as complete as my list.I have literally gone through each page and looked at what words the template says we have here.

Template:Wiktionarycat – Cosmopedia

1/24/2008 · This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopaedic content. See also: Template:Wiktionary